(id_002) locust bean gum slime

by Juliette Collas, Philomena Theuretzbacher

Recipe Distributed under a CC-BY license: feel free to use and modify while citing the original source.


Ingredients 1L water 8-15 g locust bean gum 100mL hot water 3g salt 0.2g borax (sodium tetraborat)

Preparation 1. Heat 1L of water , stirr in locust bean gum just before it starts boiling 2. cook on high heat for at least three minutes (dont leave unattended, the mixture likes to boil over) 3. let cool until mixture is cold enough to put your hand in 4. dissolve salt and borax in 100 mL of hot water 5. pour the salt-borax solution into the gum mixture and mix by whisk or hand until texture changes


cleaning: The slime can easily be removed from smooth surfaces by just picking it up or collecting it with a silicone bladed squeegee to reverse the reaction that forms slime, use acid like citric acid or vinegar

disposal: small amounts can be disposed of by treating it with citric acid and then flushing it, greater amounts should be disposed of properly by contacting your local garbage disposal company


very beautiful texture, depending on the gum concentration could be anything from saliva to ectoplasm

     liquid soap
     rubber band
safe for sewage treatment plants
between 0 and 1 € /liter
need to stir, need to cook, need to rest
     wet shower
laundry plus pretreatment
 collect with tools
acid, ph-neutral colors
comment_on_reversability can be dissolved by adding acids like citric acid or vinegar
watch your skin/ low ( irritation / dryness), borax is a controversial substance, best form your own opinion
       >1 hour
comment-on-laundry-treatment pretreat stains with acid before washing